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Transformation begins. Justin learns about the power of the briefs and becomes owned.
6/30/18 10:20 PM
An officer takes advantage of a prisoner, or at least he thinks he does.
6/27/18 6:20 AM
Nash finally gets the cock of his dreams... with absolutely no drawbacks.
1/17/18 12:14 AM
A young man doses his roommate with a concoction that begins a godly transformation.
11/23/17 10:19 AM
The man who created his own nanites to cure his cancer may have gone a bit overboard
10/30/17 7:13 PM
The final chapter of the games of chance tale. Just what does the devious little game have in store for the world?
9/16/17 5:24 PM
screamingmoist 6/26/17 9:09 PM 5/15/17 1:15 AM
AnotherMeekOne 3/4/17 6:03 AM
Lou learns the truth about everything, and the newer members of The Communion welcome him warmly.
3/4/17 5:53 AM
A group of men go to a special escape room that promises the most immersive experience in the business
2/14/17 3:47 AM
The Syrme
Are men doomed to lie below the Gods?
Category missing
5/22/16 10:30 AM
An unassuming househusband accidently becomes the God-King of the world.
4/25/16 1:09 AM
Blank Rasa
Mark gets a letter telling him how the world has changed, and how he's changed with it
2/25/16 2:28 AM
An afternoon of punishment at the feet of my master...
11/19/15 1:54 AM
Hot Lava
Ian gets lost in the woods. Yet his slavation may be more like damnation. You decide.
11/26/14 4:27 PM
Ted gives Jeremy a really cool birthday present.
11/22/13 7:00 PM
The dream of the demon haunts Alex. What's happening?
11/19/13 7:00 PM
An interview with the new Master of the world's favorite (and sexiest) personal slave.
7/28/13 8:00 PM
A sexed-up version of the Three Little Bigs. WARNING: FURRY/CHUBBY
5/16/13 8:00 PM
Kota 1/5/13 7:00 PM
Zandro the visitor gets worhipped and raped.
8/3/11 8:00 PM
The much awaited 4th part in the Mike series
11/6/10 8:00 PM
Darr Fall
Matt and his college jock buddies are snowed in. Can Matt's gay little brother be persuaded to provi
3/19/10 8:00 PM
Darr Fall 1/27/10 7:00 PM
More fun with Mike's muscle-pecs
6/23/09 8:00 PM
Young bodyuilder Mike likes to get his humongous pecs worshipped.
Category missing
6/23/09 8:00 PM
Allan was part of a genetic experiment at college, now he grows when horny.
6/2/06 8:00 PM
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