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Strong's transformation takes the spotlight -- something must've happened in that workout with Woody... cuz someone's sure cumming in the posing room
7/13/20 11:51 AM
Strong and Woody establish some rules for their relationship.
7/12/20 1:35 PM
7/8/20 11:28 AM
Yes, Strong, someday your Prince will cum...
7/7/20 11:22 AM
Strong learns the first rule of Apollyon: "Always obey the bigger man."
7/4/20 4:05 PM
6/29/20 5:21 AM
3458 words
Officer Humpme needs to get creative for an important assignment.
6/3/20 4:54 AM
As Adam is further toyed around with by his masseur, Dustin, his reality suddenly changes.
5/28/20 7:01 PM
Thor has one last night with Lee-am before he leaves... (Basically the muscled up Hemsworth brothers fuck lol)
5/17/20 9:47 PM
Just a man and his boyfriend enjoying a quiet day in when a stranger drops in with other plans.
5/14/20 8:21 PM