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Unit 7 understands how the great society has come to exist.
8/31/19 5:28 PM
Graham deals with how his family has changed in the wake of an alien invasion...
7/17/19 4:56 AM
Mr. Sandman
Montana Jackson, ace adventurer and archaeologist extraordinaire receives word from his nephew that an ancient cult is on the rise. He'll have to avoid the ensnaring coils of the cult and its members if he's to save the world. For like the fifth time.
5/17/19 8:32 PM
Mr. Sandman
Sam discovers the true nature of the farm, but what exactly can he do about it?
3/26/19 6:50 PM
rubbrsome 3/1/19 7:14 AM
The deleted scenes from a previous story, giving you the greater perspective a what happened behind the curtain.
7/29/18 6:11 AM
Swizzington 6/21/18 12:16 AM
It's just a normal day for Matt: chatting with the masturbating postman, processing dildo invoices at work, watching the Emperor's naked webcast...
5/10/18 2:46 AM
The alien briefs expand their reach into the workplace. A sequel to Jockey Embrace.
12/27/17 5:28 AM
Master and Oz complete their plan. And that's just the beginning.
11/29/17 4:25 AM
In a time of economic crisis, Britain turns to its greatest renewable resource: fucking Englishmen
6/6/17 1:44 AM
Scotty wins a free trip to Hawaii. On the way, he gets an extra gift...
2/18/17 9:19 AM
Loki 1/6/17 9:50 AM
A farm hand is enthralled by a spell that makes him and all the other town's men follow the call.
1/11/16 12:02 PM
An interview with the new Master of the world's favorite (and sexiest) personal slave.
7/28/13 8:00 PM
Master Ardon, an alien conqueror, controls a group of superheroes.
4/19/13 8:00 PM
Kota 1/19/13 7:00 PM
Dylan is one step closer to becoming Master of the "free" world
3/6/12 7:00 PM