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Connor doesn’t understand why Eric stays with his boyfriend Austin when he could do so much better.
10/27/17 6:25 PM
1695 words
The Clinic transforms men into their darkest, most erotic desires. Who are these men and what will they become? Help write the story!
10/27/17 7:58 AM
Space pirates take their prisoners back to their home planet to add them to enslavement and milking machines.
9/4/17 10:07 AM
8/28/17 10:06 AM
866 words
What's going on with this weird local market shop? Why all Zack's friend were rare after the mannager's call?
3/13/14 8:26 PM
3688 words
The triplets learn that Obedience to Butch is only the beginning...
9/25/13 8:00 PM
14641 words
6/12/12 8:00 PM
4349 words
Guys go missing at a Carnival & become well adjusted Gay Harem Slaves
3/21/11 8:00 PM
Jay, Clara, Adam, and Rich's story continues.
3/3/10 7:00 PM
3/3/10 7:00 PM