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Wobbegong 1/11/20 12:34 PM
Cris Kane
A job agency tailors a middle-aged man's resume to make him a more attractive prospect.
12/29/19 10:16 AM
The Fate of Desire
Jake Rivers has it all: good looks, money, fame... unless a strange text from an unknown number has anything to say about that, of course.
12/1/19 9:02 AM
absman420 8/17/19 10:58 AM
absman420 8/16/19 10:30 AM
absman420 8/15/19 1:56 PM
absman420 8/14/19 1:51 PM
The Fall Musical is in need of another singer and Dylan thinks a Classical Voice major might be able to help
5/28/19 8:20 PM
The Fate of Desire
Raul has an unexpected visit from an old friend before he and his new friend Carlos head out to experience Day 2 of Coachella.
4/23/19 11:10 AM
Baldwizzard 3/29/19 3:37 PM
LeatherFreak 11/23/17 9:42 PM
Cris Kane
One dark and stormy night, a desperate man pays a visit to a shop which he heard can do amazing things.
10/24/16 5:28 AM
Willie Cici
Brent needed a change. He did not expect the change that would happen . . .
1/31/16 9:48 PM
Willie Cici
Brad Thompson was in a rut, but he did not expect this . . .
2/19/15 11:49 AM
Cris Kane
Jack accidentally grabs his missing roommate's Twink-brand shampoo in the shower and feels like a new man.
12/8/14 2:59 AM
screamingmoist 2/23/07 7:00 PM