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Three young film-makers venture into the woods for a documentary about a legendary witch and are never heard from again. A year later, their film footage is recovered. (Loosely based on The Blair Witch Project.)
7/4/20 5:09 PM
10033 words
11/24/19 12:26 PM
Jordan helps Vincent try a few other new things about the doll's function.
11/8/19 10:17 PM
Not only does Vincent prove his voodoo doll works, he has a little fun at Jordan's expense.
11/2/19 8:17 AM
Vincent tries pitching a working voodoo doll to his very skeptical boss.
10/17/19 8:03 PM
1373 words
Clint did not appreciate how important the 'cuddle' part of the sex was to Wayne . . .
8/26/19 6:12 AM
3152 words
11/29/18 6:49 PM
3069 words
11/26/18 11:20 AM
2725 words
11/24/18 9:19 AM
1828 words
The ramifications of Marc's visit to Lucien's house begin to manifest themselves.
11/23/18 5:14 PM