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A Voyeur Fan
Hot nerd Alex faces a mysterious opponent in an online card game. As his losses stack up, Alex is persuaded to show a little skin in order to stay in the game.
1/25/20 7:47 PM
Stephen begins to notice some unusual behavior from his fraternity brothers...
12/31/19 12:01 PM
Out of nowhere, a horny virus manifested itself into the video game world, desperate for some action.
3/4/19 4:40 AM
In the mid-22nd century, The Minotaur Corporation's computer games get inside your mind.
12/9/15 11:38 AM
Willie Cici
Justin wanted to find out for himself why his roommate couldn't get enough of his new video game - - -
7/6/15 7:39 PM
Brad's friends and family are gung-ho for a new gym and video game--will he be next?
1/17/15 7:16 PM
Sam follows the GameBro's orders, and finds himself at the GameBro factory with all of the other men in town!
9/15/14 5:18 PM
Sam is loving the new hit game console, the GameBro!
9/14/14 9:42 PM
Brad comes home to find his father and brother gung-ho for their new gym and new video game....
6/21/14 11:22 PM
Mreyes8230 8/13/13 8:00 PM
The owner of an arcade gets rewired!!!
7/15/12 8:00 PM
Brad's transformation is becoming more and more evident every day, inside and outside the game.
11/26/10 7:00 PM
Daniel creates a virtual reality game to turn his room-mate Brad gay
11/25/10 7:00 PM
magister 4/22/10 8:00 PM