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Xander isn't sure why his friend Rob is acting so strange. After they eat at Duke's Diner, he'll soon find out.
7/29/20 10:20 AM
Three friends on a roadtrip spend the night in the small Southern town of Dicksburg. Will they ever want to leave?
7/26/20 2:09 PM
The beginning of Alex's story.
6/10/20 12:02 PM
13557 words
Neither Colt nor Jet are thrilled to discover they need to compete to establish their credentials playing a prison bitch, but that's only the start of their troubles when some unexpected visitors from their hometown show up
5/7/20 5:28 PM
3537 words
Max's life in lockdown definitely isn't what anyone would think.
4/16/20 12:30 PM
4827 words
4/9/20 4:59 AM
It's my first time... But I'm nervous. How am I supposed to know what to do?
4/3/20 5:36 AM
Hot nerd Alex faces a mysterious opponent in an online card game. As his losses stack up, Alex is persuaded to show a little skin in order to stay in the game.
1/25/20 7:47 PM
Dave had the perfect opportunity to enslave Kyle until all his plans unraveled. Sometimes you get something better than you expected.
4/24/19 11:33 AM
4/2/19 9:16 PM