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Stranded by a storm at the end of their conference trip, Mark and Rico and their colleagues check in to a small hotel by the airport for the weekend. The rest of their weekend was just a sweaty and tiring blur, and a whole lot of intimacies with one another...
11/3/19 2:24 PM
A yoga instructor who hypnotises his clients bites more than he can chew.
6/15/19 5:56 PM
here4hairymen 3/31/19 3:45 PM
PreppifiedGuy 3/30/19 5:38 PM
The barber gets an apprentice, but he needs a change of style first
1/22/19 10:02 PM
Lenny can't resist his otherworldly overlords desires for long. While out for lunch, a prime host arises, and Lenny must use the abilities given to him to subdue the object of his overlords desires.
11/23/18 7:04 PM
Stroppy Author 11/23/18 5:13 PM
Leather Asylum 11/15/18 8:45 AM
John decides that it's time David had a less stressful life
9/19/18 9:39 PM 1/1/18 2:53 PM
Caedmon's Cock
The boy I met on Grindr sent me the most wonderful package in the mail. I'm glad we both have a thing for sexy underwear.
6/27/17 3:43 AM
A cautionary tale, be careful where you click
3/28/16 12:23 AM
A farm hand is enthralled by a spell that makes him and all the other town's men follow the call.
1/11/16 12:02 PM
The small man has a plan to get big again. Will it work? Features male shrinking, humiliation and BDSM.
10/5/15 12:46 AM
Our small man has to learn to deal with his new place in the world. Features male shrinking, humiliation and BDSM
9/15/15 3:39 AM
A very long story about a man who fantasizes about being dominated by his boyfriend getting his wish. Features male shrinking, humiliation and BDSM.
9/14/15 1:41 AM
Nicky Noxville
After being outed at school and kicked out by his parents, Stanley goes to live with his uncle and starts to learn what a horny faggot he really is.
9/3/14 8:42 AM
Fratboy Mike hangs out with one of his brothers and shares the events of the previous evening with h
5/15/13 8:00 PM
It's Brian's birthday and his Uncle is gonna make it a very special one.
9/20/12 8:00 PM
Ollie369 7/28/12 8:00 PM
Violet Scorpio 6/19/07 8:00 PM
Johnny Manipulator
Martino returns and encounters alpha male Steve-o
10/20/06 8:00 PM
Johnny Manipulator
Help is at hand as Peter's brother comes to save him
6/3/06 8:00 PM
Johnny Manipulator
Nick's rugby mates are on hand to explore his vulnerable arse
5/13/06 8:00 PM
Johnny Manipulator
Suggestible flatmates Peter and Nick spend an evening with Nick's rugby friends
5/1/06 8:00 PM
Johnny Manipulator
Peter and flatmate Nick are overcome by the mysterious Martino
1/11/06 7:00 PM
Johnny Manipulator
Peter finds himself obsessing over his disinterested flatmate Nick.
11/14/05 7:00 PM
magister 11/4/05 7:00 PM
One guy unleashes a plan to transform his friend
5/8/05 8:00 PM