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3589 words
Captain Collins and Detective Roberts carry out the plan to make the day shift into the Enforcers of Ari'seth
6/26/20 8:07 AM
5364 words
A group of corrupt motorcycle cops are assigned to an experimental retraining program run by a strange doctor.
6/11/20 11:10 AM
3458 words
Officer Humpme needs to get creative for an important assignment.
6/3/20 4:54 AM
3154 words
Detective Roberts begins to carry out his master's will by bringing in the captain of the police station
5/18/20 6:11 PM
1550 words
Let's pay a visit to Officer Mikey at the station.
5/18/20 6:11 PM
5/16/20 5:01 PM
2554 words
Officer Huntly finally finds some help.
5/15/20 7:51 PM
2078 words
The Demon Ari-gogaseth (aka Ari'seth) begins to spread his lustful control over the men in uniform of the town
5/13/20 9:46 AM
Nathan continues his internal struggle, while Lane is returned to the school.
5/11/20 11:15 PM
2847 words
A newly promoted sergeant recounts his induction, enlistment, and promotion in an slave army
5/7/20 5:58 AM