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5653 words
A mysterious camera turns Paul's photo shoot with his hunky friend Joe into something much steamier than either of them intended
1/24/20 9:48 PM
A mysterious app offers to generate nude pictures of any man the user desires. The truth is a bit different than advertised.
12/13/19 7:24 AM
While on spring break, a spoiled, preppy trio of college friends visit North Carolina in order to document nature with their cameras. The leader of the group, Kyle, gets lost, and then found by a redneck father and son who put him to work – and make some changes.
5/11/19 12:15 PM
3683 words
12/14/18 3:38 PM
3976 words
A lonely young white guy is about to have his dreams come true...
9/22/17 9:33 PM
There's a roadside stand on the side of Highway 41 that sells delicious smoothies...and huge exotic melons...
7/5/17 5:39 AM
1589 words
Farmer Jesse comes across some strange melons, in the field where that meteorite landed...
7/3/17 3:23 AM
Popular, straight, handsome prep Phil hates illegal aliens so he’s cursed to slowly become a very horny, stereotypical wetback Latino… who’s gay.
5/15/16 5:34 PM