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Josh has to move to the family farm after an incident at college. His step brothers aren't fond of him, but he'll make sure to change that.
4/7/20 11:06 AM
Math_Reez 💙
Sam needs to act fast to avoid Ryan's fury. But maybe he will go too far with his actions this time.
1/28/20 9:52 AM
sb jb mc 11/24/19 4:47 PM
Math_Reez 💙
With his new knowledge about the power of the pendant, Sam will enjoy the opportunity of having some fun with Ty.
10/13/19 6:56 PM
Math_Reez 💙
Sam decide to stay for the test, but someone in his path could make him change his mind.
10/11/19 1:43 PM
Cris Kane
Jake and Mark spot a pedestrian who would make a nice addition to the frat.
7/11/19 10:07 AM
Jake and Josh are twins who always celebrate their birthdays with a cherry on top. Will they get their birthday wish?
6/11/19 4:34 AM
M. Greene 11/29/18 6:49 PM
When the boys all gather together for a cursed game everything goes wrong.
11/4/18 9:17 AM
Twins Jake and Aiden are hired to go to a medical testing center and get infected with a disease and monitored. It does not go the way they expected it to
2/13/17 6:50 PM
Willie Cici
The Therapist's brother continues his pursuit . . .
12/19/15 5:36 AM
wishbone blue
More fall to Ari'Seth by way of Jason - while the stage is being set for the final battle.
3/7/15 7:21 AM
J. Santalo
College students Tommy and Sean discover how hot it is to become each other's fantasies, and in the process each other.
1/30/15 10:47 PM
Whitechap e1
Private eye continues to research the bizarre letter
10/28/14 2:13 PM
Derek Williams 7/7/14 8:54 PM
Inaniamte Transformer
Zach gets to flake off, while Matt gets his wish...
1/2/14 7:00 PM
Charlie's origin story: A straight guy finds he has the power to make gay dudes into his slaves.
12/9/08 7:00 PM
The adolesecent boy stood still. That was all. What could they do with him...?
7/1/06 8:00 PM