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2838 words
An old friend from James's childhood takes advantage of his trigger.
6/27/20 5:44 AM
2295 words
You indulge your boyfriend's fantasy of erotic hypnosis. You yourself don't really believe in hypnosis, but for his sake, you're willing to play along...
6/23/20 10:44 AM
2687 words
An old fluffy story I had written for the bottom of the drawer, but I decided to polish it a little and put it up here. Finley and Nate have been dating for a good while and the former has been hypnotising Nate to help him quieten down when he's feeling hyperactive. But this time, Finley suggests they add a new element to the mix and Nate is quite eager indeed.
6/19/20 7:34 AM
4351 words
Steven has been planning something for a new intern at the office for some time, now it was time to reap his rewards.
4/17/20 7:58 AM
17825 words
5/28/19 4:23 AM
1956 words
4/28/19 12:21 PM
10783 words
A college psychology major uses his hypnotic skills to improve his summer situation on his father's dude ranch
3/11/19 5:42 AM
3282 words
A group of young businessmen get a special rate at a very special hotel. But they're about to discover the hidden costs...
3/2/19 6:03 PM
Walter's former employee convinces him to join a very special therapy group, led by the Organization
2/25/19 2:26 PM
"You can't hypnotize me." ---- Owen stared at his roommate and shook his head. Marco has no idea . . .
2/6/19 1:44 PM