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Willie Cici
Darryl and Steve branch out to another business venture . . .
11/16/18 1:34 AM
Belti 10/22/18 10:49 AM
A young man found a family secret during the holidays that could help him getting close to his two uncles.
10/21/18 9:09 PM
Willie Cici
Tyler and Miguel have to sneak around to get to their part-time job . . .
10/13/18 6:09 PM
A homage to 'I Am Not A Gay Porn Star'
10/5/18 5:56 PM
Willie Cici
A football player sustains an injury and finds himself in a new line of work . . .
10/5/18 1:01 AM
Andy and his mates hold his stag party in an Eastern European city. Too bad their trip includes a visit to a very special bathhouse..
7/28/18 6:24 PM
Ollie Kelly Carter 6/10/18 4:37 PM
Ollie Kelly Carter
Brad takes a private trip to Japan. Who is this sitting next to him?
6/10/18 7:55 AM
Tom Gungy
A man decides to look up an old flame and mend some bridges. The old flame's husband shouldn't mind afterwards.
5/17/18 12:08 AM
Willie Cici
Bud Larson wants to sign with the team of his childhood dreams . . .
4/26/18 4:41 AM
Willis has been ambushed by Shitforbrains. Meanwhile, Peach's ride back to the station with Higgins takes an eventful turn...
4/8/18 11:57 PM
Having secured his prize from under the noses of the British, Willis starts to explore new areas of his personality...and Peach....
3/23/18 11:27 PM
Matthew's Finale with Brian. Brian proposes and Matthew accepts... but why are they attending a strange party with a mix of older gentlemen and young, hot hunks?
3/8/18 12:34 AM
Andrew finds himself staying late at work again, and he's not alone...
3/1/18 12:46 AM
xesulliv 2/23/18 6:00 PM
Doctor Version, a terrifyingly intelligent man who has money and the technology, and now a subject...
2/22/18 2:49 AM
Brian exerts more control over his Excellent Subject.
2/17/18 12:12 AM
The journey Jon took before the last hypnosis show Paul would put on and where he's headed afterwards...
1/3/18 3:25 AM
Willie Cici
When the Boss calls, his working boys respond . . .
1/2/18 4:55 AM
Willie Cici
When the Boss calls, his working boys respond . . .
12/26/17 5:06 PM
Willie Cici
When the Boss called, his working boys respond . . .
12/25/17 7:39 PM
Willie Cici
When the Boss called, his working boys respond . . .
12/23/17 6:18 AM
Willie Cici
When the Boss called, the working boys respond . . .
12/19/17 5:30 AM
Willie Cici
When the Boss called, his working boys respond . . .
12/16/17 4:43 AM
Paul has decided to put his long career as a hypnotist to bed...along with many of the new local men he's meeting.
11/13/17 5:34 AM
Andrew has to stay late for work again...though he couldn't really remember why.
11/7/17 10:37 PM
Neil continues his conquest of jock slaves...this time the college Cycling and Track Teams
7/29/17 2:10 AM
Another day. Another hotel. Another Hot Husband behaving badly.
3/4/17 12:58 PM
Willie Cici
The superintendent finds himself in a dire situation. Can he escape his predictable fate . . . .
1/30/17 9:37 PM