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Friend tries to use a show to hypnotize his straight buddy. But if that fails he has a trick up his sleeve.
5/20/20 9:20 PM
4/29/20 12:46 PM
Thomas has a boring life controlled by his parents. He seeks help and gets more than he wanted - or just exactly what he needed?
4/2/20 5:32 AM
How far will daytime TV star Colton Dory go to win an Emmy? Two months after losing, he's more determined than ever that this year will be his year - and his kindly boss Hank is ever ready to 'help' him - as long as he remains committed to being a method actor, of course!
9/30/17 6:42 PM
Life become art . . . though not suspecting . . .
6/15/17 8:56 PM
Aidan goes on a blind date . . .
2/15/17 5:34 AM