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4951 words
When Aaron, a grad student, meets three strinkingly similar handsome, hairy men, his memories start to shift to remember his three - or is it one? - guardian(s) and lover(s). Or; Even Hade's dog needs a pup of their own.
8/11/20 5:41 AM
3309 words
The mayor drops by to welcome the mysterious stranger. This mayor running a certain kind of town - he just doesn't know it yet.
8/10/20 8:29 PM
Aed's taking shit from the other War Dogs because he's hot for Sgt. Yates. They aren't wrong, and it's been too long since he had a good rut. But the wolf curse is capricious, and often gets in the way.
8/10/20 8:04 AM
8246 words
Micah is down on his luck and looking for work. He meets a massive business man that may be able to change that.
8/9/20 8:37 AM
8/7/20 9:31 AM
8/5/20 11:08 PM
Josh is left with just a nub of a cock and Chad is completely dickless after the last transformation party. It's a good thing they have Tanner around to use their holes.
8/5/20 8:39 PM
Jan is a normal gay boy that lives in a little City in the Netherlands, called Zwolle. What will happen after he is beeing abducted?
8/5/20 2:51 PM
2401 words
Sean’s roommates try to help him move on, as he begins to explore again.
8/4/20 3:54 PM
8/3/20 7:23 AM