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Daddy Aragon
Kenshi makes the mistake of thinking that he will not be affected by his own magical creation, but that's not a bad thing.
2/27/20 10:59 AM
All Chris wanted was to find an affordable room, but in Crotchhead Town, there are some conditions attached to joining a shared flat...
2/26/20 11:41 PM
Ego has Peter Quill, Star-Lord, in his clutches to power the Expansion but is still not satisfied--until he finds a way to make Peter a more efficient battery.
2/24/20 7:35 PM
Lusty Stallion 2/24/20 5:46 AM
Baldwizzard 2/23/20 8:18 AM
Lusty Stallion 2/22/20 7:58 PM
Lusty Stallion
Colin heads home for Christmas and has fun 'improving' those in the neighborhood - including his brother in law
2/21/20 10:17 PM
Josh gets what he wants - and Matthew something he did not know he want
2/21/20 6:59 PM
Lucrix 2/20/20 6:34 PM
We learn more about Matthew and Marcus and we meet a new client, Josh
2/20/20 6:53 AM
Marcus realizes, what he really asked for, Matthew discovers the disadvantages and advantages of being a fat, old, bald man and two guys planning some revenge
2/18/20 9:04 PM
A normal day starts for Marcus and Matthew starts to realize what he really had wished for
2/17/20 9:34 PM
jockedguy 2/17/20 8:27 PM
Lucrix 2/15/20 8:35 PM
Pup Forte
Matt's just lost his last chance at command the army of the Compact. Can he submit to his friend Matt's neurocommand now that he has no choice? What sort of battle unit will he be and what must be done to his body to prepare him?
2/14/20 6:00 PM
Master experiments with some early mind control
2/14/20 5:44 AM
The Dirty Spiders, Varlance
A collection of very short stories (other authors welcome, just read the rules first)
2/12/20 6:00 AM
Interlude - what happend to the guys of the staff meeting with our muscle-god and our kinky punker??
2/10/20 3:37 PM
Two more clients and a third still waiting -
2/9/20 7:05 PM
This is a story I wrote back in 2003 about a fantasy transformation of mine in which I become another guy. This story was my first foray into the transformation genre. Although I wrote another story around that time as well (which I no longer have, unfortunately), I did not continue writing. Perhaps reading other's stories here will help me become inspired to write again.
2/9/20 9:05 AM
Drake Nightstorm
When six men sit down to play poker, and one of them brings a hot item. A ring he stole from another man's desk at work and greed is the means to an end. What happens when the ring is thrown into the pot? They all get wishes; they get them a lot. None of them, however, are the wish barer, for it is the ring who wishes.
2/8/20 8:33 AM
jockedguy 2/7/20 7:37 PM
Baldwizzard 2/6/20 5:27 AM
Pup Don 2/4/20 5:33 AM
Baldwizzard 2/3/20 4:13 PM
Baldwizzard 2/2/20 6:44 AM
We all have secret wishes and dark desires. Would you be willing to pay to get that dream fulfiled?
2/1/20 5:14 PM
Stefan is the worst bottom in the world - but he's determined to give his husband the ultimate sacrifice that will make up for his shortcomings once and for all!
1/31/20 3:14 PM
Dave finally enters the transformation process that will convert him into a superhero. Will he succeed?
1/27/20 2:52 PM
Dave finds and ad in the newspaper that may change his life forever...
1/25/20 4:17 PM