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After Thor has begun to be comfortable with his submission to Lan, Lan raises the stakes
5/19/20 5:37 PM
Lan takes Thor to bed to advance his submissive tendencies
5/17/20 9:46 PM
5/14/20 6:25 PM
'Thor' discovers that his friend has a big surprise for this big-dick swinging top
5/13/20 9:39 AM
A facility where athletes go to train, a mysterious background, the results speak for themselves. But are the athletes that return the same as those that were sent off?
3/26/20 5:42 PM
The New Supermen begin their training -- and bonding...
9/22/19 12:30 PM
11/24/18 1:37 AM
11/14/18 10:29 AM
I always thought my cross dressing as a gay guy, was my own secret, appears not quite so!!
6/20/18 6:56 PM
5/20/18 11:29 PM