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Three young film-makers venture into the woods for a documentary about a legendary witch and are never heard from again. A year later, their film footage is recovered. (Loosely based on The Blair Witch Project.)
7/4/20 5:09 PM
3458 words
Officer Humpme needs to get creative for an important assignment.
6/3/20 4:54 AM
2554 words
Officer Huntly finally finds some help.
5/15/20 7:51 PM
After getting interrupted while trying to hypnotise Brendan, Steve sets his sights on his neighbour.
4/28/19 12:23 PM
7162 words
Connor and Eric take a trip to a familiar stomping ground to meet an old friend. But things won't ever be the same again.
6/24/18 11:27 PM
6762 words
Connor and Eric are forced to return to Wegner's mansion, but bring a new friend along, who Wegner has sinister plans for.
2/9/18 7:16 PM
Detective Kirk Ogleson is in for the experience of his life as he sets foot into the mysterious home of Dr. Wegner for the first time. A prequel.
10/24/17 7:30 AM
In the conclusion to the Party Games series, the 6 jocks continue to be the John's playthings. What awaits them at the game's end?
7/16/17 7:37 PM
A man and his son are visited by the father's younger, more domineering brother. His nephew learns a thing or two about his father's past when his uncle divulges how he used to treat him.
4/12/17 7:18 AM
3/18/17 4:14 PM