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How will the dutiful warrior save his dear prince? A drone gets a haircut.
7/29/18 7:27 AM
A shadow lurks in the darkness as the darkness takes over.
7/26/18 11:44 PM
G.B. 7/25/18 9:08 PM
A Cold Truth is Revealed. A Knight's Descent into the Shadow Realms.
7/13/18 10:16 PM
Stroppy Author
small meteors fall to earth bringing something with them
7/5/18 2:05 AM
The firemen at the station are a close group of guys. They're about to become even closer as a primal, bestial, horned up pack for their Masters.
7/3/18 7:26 PM
Marc of a Man
When a fleeing alien crash lands on earth, he shows the male earthlings his special powers of persuasion
7/1/18 10:39 PM
rubbrsome 4/23/18 11:46 PM
rubbrsome 4/20/18 12:17 AM
A group of football players are abducted and forced into alien servitude.
4/4/18 8:35 AM
Willie Cici
Justin finally learns how Wade has manipulated him, his father, his uncle and everyone who visits the estate . . .
3/18/18 8:02 PM
M. Greene 2/28/18 2:14 PM
rubbrsome 1/9/18 12:23 AM
rubbrsome 1/1/18 4:35 PM
webb025 7/14/17 1:02 PM
The happenings of Mr. Zeiss, a successful and attractive thirty-something guy with the rather useful ability of completely controlling the minds of others.
1/18/17 12:18 AM
A commuter experiences a life changing event while waiting for a bus
6/6/16 6:53 AM
Growing Interest
Chase, a narcissistic cheater and sadistic rapist, has a life-changing run-in with a man who has a penchant for mind control, fitting punishments, and long-term chastity.
11/29/14 3:38 PM
A troubled massage student wants order in his life, even if he doesn't know it.
8/19/14 11:50 PM
sb jb mc
A telepath gets more than he wanted from his grocery store.
2/3/14 7:00 PM
ghostwriterde 8/6/12 8:00 PM
Alex is initiated into a special college for talented young men.
1/16/08 7:00 PM
NCMC Readers 2/5/06 7:00 PM