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Nathan continues his internal struggle, while Lane is returned to the school.
5/11/20 11:15 PM
Power-hungry FBI Agent Damien Stephano and his protege, Jason, are led by the mysterious Professor Johnson to the ancient artifact that may grant the power to face the Pharaoh's army.
4/18/20 6:05 PM
A story about an alien, a professor, and bigfoot. What possibly could go wrong. (this is a story I wrote years ago about how bigfoot is really an alien.)
4/2/20 8:31 PM
4636 words
A booke dealer finds some diary pages hidden in a box of old books
11/9/19 11:33 AM
The vessel must be tested before it can be brought to action.
9/12/19 10:38 AM
9/11/19 4:51 AM
The ritual is nearing fruition, and the Great One's vessel is ready just the same.
8/15/19 6:32 AM
This happened to someone recently, was it you?
6/14/19 4:44 AM
8657 words
Joseph "Joey" Stutton has just left home at the tender age of 18 to pursue an education in the Artemisian commonwealth. He awakens to a power that he never knew resided within him, but he hasn't the faintest idea about the world that he has entered, nor the threat of the self-styled king that would bring him to heel.
3/19/19 11:53 AM
1779 words
Brad needed a new apartment. His friend, Alex, suggested he meet his landlord . . .
2/20/19 6:30 PM