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Five young men learn the hard way that you never know who's watching, and that actions have consequences.
7/16/19 1:46 PM
[FURRIES] With Greg's ritual cast, Garrett's meeting with Mr. Bongo is about to take a rather bizarre turn.
11/12/18 12:13 PM
Being in a marriage is hard. Having a genie grant you wishes should definitely make it easier though, shouldn't it?
12/26/17 5:10 PM
Douglas Benjamin
Toby and Mark are a young gay couple in love, and the Christmas gift of a collar gives their sex life a wild jolt.
12/7/16 6:10 PM
Tom is the world's best quarterback. When he fails to help out his wife's ex, another football player, there will be hell to pay.
3/6/16 4:40 PM
Seth's boyfriend Dom gets a wishing rock. While Seth's at school, Dom uses the rock on Seth's homo-uncomfortable father.
12/26/15 5:05 PM