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Slave Abdamelek
After the captured member of the Pharaoh-worshipping cult escapes, FBI agent Stephano and his protege search for a way to contend with the imminent resurrection of the Pharaoh and his Army.
3/15/20 9:41 PM
Chad learns about his past and discovers a new interest in Sam....
11/12/19 6:59 AM
Mike thought he could keep his pornographic past a secret, but you know the saying "Just when I thought I was out...they pull me back in."
6/18/19 4:28 AM
Top, bottom. These are just labels, right? For one repressed teenager, they open a world of sexual decadence and transformations of not only the mind but the body as well.
4/2/19 9:19 PM
One path has been decided, the first of many. Sam will go home while paying a visit to Profesor Evans.
3/16/19 12:31 AM
SneakyT 6/2/18 6:35 AM
Josh reunites with his old high school teacher, and crush!
5/6/18 11:27 AM
Sir Skinny 4/20/18 4:57 PM
A year later after Cesar's change, he opens a barbershop.
3/25/18 10:02 PM
Willie Cici
The relationships we form aren't always what we expected . . .
3/9/18 9:09 PM
Esrel returns to speak with Colin, but he is caught off guard by someone else...
10/8/17 8:14 PM
An experiment is performed in the dorm using the latest devices. The psych professor starts to use what he has learned,
7/19/17 4:34 PM
The historic Guthrie Building is being converted into a soulless, hollowed-out version of itself. A group of local protesters is about to learn exactly how that feels.
6/28/17 2:08 AM
Six very different students are chosen by their professor to take part in an experiment.
6/13/17 11:57 PM
Dat Spicy Ramen 1/6/17 1:44 PM
Dat Spicy Ramen
A college kid decides to do something about his bully.
1/4/17 9:32 PM
Willie Cici
A subway ride begins the day that changes lives forever . . .
2/5/16 7:53 PM
Willie Cici 1/20/16 6:02 AM
Football season has ended, but ass-hunting season has just begun. Another tale of hypnosis, athletics, and butt-fucking.
1/3/16 8:17 PM
What a guy thinks up in his mind becomes reality
9/13/15 10:18 PM
Mr. Chambers' new inventions finally seem to be perfected, and when Adam and Kyle stay behind to complete their assignment, he has a perfect opportunity to test his inventions out.
2/18/15 7:01 AM
Willie Cici
Poor Clueless Professor Anderson!! What was he thinking !!
2/11/15 1:22 AM
Willie Cici
The Delta House has a new faculty advisor who has plans for the frat boys.
2/11/15 1:13 AM
Tom and Pat learn the hard way why you should never buy cheap technology from strange Psych professors,,,
2/7/15 11:41 AM
Nibelung 11/8/11 7:00 PM
Sometimes even the straightest guys can't resist a really, really big cock.
10/28/11 8:00 PM
ok, not
Mitch gives his teacher, Mr. Anderson, the were-fag curse
7/6/11 8:00 PM
Isaac is alone in his professor's study, his shirt unbuttoned, his fly open, and he's not sure why.
8/19/10 8:00 PM
Nickel wishes he could be a teacher's pet. He gets his wish.
2/19/10 7:00 PM