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Spiderman inner sexual desires are awaken and heighten by an unusual meeting.
7/29/20 10:16 AM
Our hero becomes a football jock
5/11/20 3:08 AM
The Coach has other plans for our protagonist
5/11/20 3:06 AM
Recruitment in progress
5/11/20 3:05 AM
1329 words
The protaganist finds himself the target of the infamous football team known as The Black Knights
5/11/20 3:04 AM
Theo goes through the rest of the weekend and the next week with different encounters along the way.
4/18/20 6:18 AM
Theo goes through the weekend after leaving the recruiting center.
3/30/20 10:19 AM
After Peter Parker brings Flash Thompson into the Symbiote, a new figure enters the gym and offers to join the Symbiote willingly
3/14/20 9:04 AM
Another trucker makes a chance encounter to pollinate somebody .... until ....
10/13/19 8:20 AM
2618 words
Tom hates shopping with is wife but he's going to love trying on clothes in the changing room.
8/25/19 10:56 AM