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Our hero becomes a football jock
5/11/20 3:08 AM
After Peter Parker brings Flash Thompson into the Symbiote, a new figure enters the gym and offers to join the Symbiote willingly
3/14/20 9:04 AM
Another trucker makes a chance encounter to pollinate somebody .... until ....
10/13/19 8:20 AM
A new medical grade nanotechnology is created, but it’s creator has a sinister fetish desire he wishes to use the tech for.
8/9/19 9:39 PM
The detective learns more about the men that have taken him.
2/1/19 4:07 PM
After a stressful string of losses, Peter Parker finds just what he needs, a gift from an old friend.
4/10/18 2:19 AM
Peter Parker gets a visit from a familiar black blob on his way to an interview
1/28/18 10:48 AM
Peter visits Eddie, who lures him into his symbiotic web.
1/12/18 2:41 AM
1/6/18 4:16 PM
The motorcycle uses its new tool.
9/5/17 6:14 PM