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BobbyBlobfish 11/7/19 6:54 AM
Damian didn't notice the side effects...
5/2/19 2:46 PM
Jeff and Tarek spend spring break in the International Colours Hostel. They may never want to leave...
3/18/17 9:48 AM
Cris Kane
Scott deals with the aftermath of his breakup and eviction as his long weekend comes to a close.
2/24/17 9:07 AM
Cris Kane 2/19/17 1:22 AM
Cris Kane
The poker buddies head out into the world in their transformed bodies, while Dalton decides to change himself some more.
8/16/16 1:50 AM
[Two independent episodes] Two bullies learn a valuable lesson with the help of Toby and his device. Drake is currently a master at sex. Parker is a lean, smooth swimmer. I wonder how Toby will punish them.
6/22/16 6:46 AM
Professor Peach lures two hot jocks to his place to receive some "extra credit". They end up becoming unwilling foot slaves--to each other!
5/23/16 9:22 AM
Ad likes the swim champ, and gets his training buddies at the same time
6/27/15 8:08 AM
Cris Kane
A billionaire ropes a lowly accountant into going on a mysterious mission to Mr. Lee's notorious shop.
7/27/14 2:18 AM
sb jb mc
Sam and Tommy must follow through with their instructions.
3/20/14 9:36 PM
sb jb mc
Chris, a straight college student on the gets more than he ever wanted from his roommate Brian
2/11/14 7:00 PM
Erik East
Two roommates surprise each other with their secrets
10/10/13 12:00 AM
BadColinBaxter 12/1/12 7:00 PM
Matty 6/7/10 8:00 PM
Matty 6/5/10 8:00 PM
Olympic rivals will stop at nothing....
7/5/07 8:00 PM
Merlin 10/18/06 8:00 PM
A young man realizes the beach sand has hypnotic properties
6/20/06 8:00 PM