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Derek Williams 3/14/20 9:02 AM
Time to explain stuffs... and to fix them.
12/28/19 1:31 PM
Sean is in hot waters, litterally and metaphorically.
11/27/19 9:29 PM
Sean catch a thief. And a policeman who insulted him. Not that he mind...
11/22/19 5:55 AM
Cris Kane
Jake and Mark spot a pedestrian who would make a nice addition to the frat.
7/11/19 10:07 AM
Derek Williams
Eddie tries to beat the curse, while Matt works against him. Andrew shows everyone what a slutty himbo he's become.
11/3/18 8:46 AM
Cris Kane
A hectic night on the town leads Charles and Derek to confusion, awkwardness, arousal, frustration, and tenderness.
10/20/18 8:02 AM
Cris Kane
Derek enlists the surfer next door in a search for Charles, who is befriended by a group of college dudes.
10/12/18 6:25 AM
Six young men move into a house for a reality show, with an unsuspected (to them) twist.
6/24/17 4:38 PM
Cris Kane
Six weeks later, most of the gang reconvenes for another poker game.
9/6/16 3:46 AM
A flashback to when John inherited the hotel.
4/22/16 8:31 PM
Cris Kane
Middle-aged Ned tries a new service where you can rent a vacation home -- and its owner's body.
11/27/14 10:45 AM
Zach M 5/24/14 7:12 AM
Hypno Hyde 1/29/14 7:00 PM
Mr. Knight helps a guy in need at the beach and teaches some frat jocks a lesson after a game.
3/14/13 8:00 PM
Hector Himeros
A white man stranded on a deserted isle in Thailand and got the fuck of his life
1/23/12 7:00 PM