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6/20/20 11:45 AM
5978 words
Captain America, Winter Soldier, Falcon, and War Machine are enjoying a relaxing day on the beach. Unbeknownst to them Mysterio has decided to test some new tech. He decides to have some fun but things go further than he ever imagined.
6/9/20 4:57 AM
Local superhero Captain Awesome attends his annual check-up, but his usual doctor has been replaced. There's definitely something funny going on...
6/8/20 5:01 AM
This is how robin was made into vampire robin
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5/26/20 8:00 PM
5/18/20 9:32 PM
Thor has one last night with Lee-am before he leaves... (Basically the muscled up Hemsworth brothers fuck lol)
5/17/20 9:47 PM
4268 words
5/8/20 5:48 AM
4918 words
A seemingly innocent and regular comic book geek wants to do more than just collecting action figures of superheroes
4/13/20 2:32 PM
Hawk learns about his powers. And has homework.
4/9/20 5:01 AM
Hawk's uniform covers him, inside and out
4/5/20 7:27 AM