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After his first conquest of a hero the Editor is ready to try out his powers on others, though he's not quite as strong as he thinks he is.
12/12/18 12:13 PM
A superhero is planning on taking down a new supervillain, little does he realize that the closer he gets to the villain, the more he changes.
12/10/18 9:59 AM
What a horrible nightmare that had been for our hero. Thankfully everything is JUST as it should be.
12/5/18 8:14 PM
JR_Sagger 12/2/18 9:23 PM
With high level tech stolen and a crumbling Gotham around him, a sexless Batman has no idea how the Joker knows so much about him! Thinking is hard when real men are around.
11/30/18 10:09 PM
Nicky Noxville
Roger Stevens had always been scrawny. That is, until he joined an experimental program through the USC Navy. Now Roger is a new man with all the power he needs to bring Nazis, or whoever, to their knees.
11/17/18 6:02 PM
All hail Lord Latex, the master of our gay world
10/18/18 12:19 AM
The symbiote has reunited with Eddie Brock but making Eddie a lot more horny. The urge to bond with Peter, the urge to bond with men, to rule all men entire earth.
10/1/18 2:44 PM
Superman goes to the Gym and comes out a different man
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6/17/18 11:02 PM
Clown boi 6/16/18 10:32 PM
Clown boi
Superman heads to the Big Top where the RingMaster waits
5/29/18 1:30 AM
Clown boi
There’s a new villain in town and he has his sights set on some of Earth’s greatest heroes.
5/26/18 9:48 PM
Tom Gungy
A sidekick receives a bizarre phone call from his superhero summoning him to his secret lair.
5/16/18 12:19 PM
Aquaman infiltrates the Mad Doctor's lair.. and gets a surprise!
4/25/18 9:33 PM
Batman must escape from the Joker's trap -- in a Gay Sauna!
4/23/18 6:55 PM
After a stressful string of losses, Peter Parker finds just what he needs, a gift from an old friend.
4/10/18 2:19 AM
Superman takes on an alien threatening to invade earth.
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2/5/18 6:17 AM
Cole strengthens his mind control as Jason services his rich clients
2/4/18 2:42 AM
Peter visits Eddie, who lures him into his symbiotic web.
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1/12/18 2:41 AM
The Extractor
A message to returning readers...
1/8/18 6:07 AM
Jockboy falls deeper under the control of his myserious master
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12/24/17 9:23 AM 11/26/17 11:04 PM
On the trail of mysterious happenings, our hero encounters a mind-controlling villain!
11/24/17 7:36 PM
ReMinder 11/13/17 7:47 PM
A boy breaks in to an abandoned house, and discovers a new life...
9/20/17 4:43 PM
Meatbox 6/16/17 7:27 PM
The conclusion. Will anyone be left standing...probably not but there will be a lot of spread legs
4/13/17 9:21 PM
The Yetti
Another Hero falls to the machinations of the Master
3/22/17 11:31 PM
The Extractor
A message to curious heroes for finding missing heroes. Sincerely the Extractor
3/19/17 9:46 AM
The Extractor
A message to fellow heroes, sincerely The Extractor.
1/30/17 12:03 AM