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Sam really wants to make love with his Dad but does Dad feel the same way?
3/16/19 8:53 AM
Sam went home and found his father looking dejected from the loss of his own father
3/16/19 12:32 AM
Tkhon 3/13/19 7:23 AM
Derek Williams
Brad is granted a scholarship from an adult film company. He should have read the fine print.
2/28/19 6:13 AM
Earlier targets continue to experience the effects of the ring as C.J. gets coffee
1/26/19 11:39 AM
Ashamed of his body in comparison to his peers, Wallace the college student seeks confidence on Chaturbate from chub lovers... until some odd watcher called Bear_mkr have a little chat with him.
7/2/18 5:15 PM
Tkhon 6/27/18 6:20 AM
Tkhon 5/16/18 5:51 AM
The man at the bar was strange, but Vic and Syd just couldn't help but agree with him.
4/24/18 11:33 AM
Programming Prince
A bullied kid is gifted with a magic amulet that lets any suggestion come true.
3/28/18 11:22 PM
Happy Endings
Kevin realizes what's happening and tries his best to avoid making another mistake.
12/20/17 7:51 PM
A domineering landlord has designs on his new tenant, and has just the tool to get what he wants...
11/16/17 6:54 PM
Thirty year old Hugh has to drop his brother Felix off at a friend's party but ends up staying for the festivities.
10/14/17 4:37 PM
A Camboy in need of cash starts to make a few changes to earn more.
10/3/17 3:25 AM
Jackson and his friends have pretty typical Texan lives until Jackson shows up with a new girlfriend.
9/7/17 10:49 AM
Willie Cici
Ray waited for the electric company repair man. The repairman had other plans . . . .
7/31/17 4:17 AM
Willie Cici
Damien keeps a watchful eye on his clients --- more than they can imagine
7/13/17 2:54 AM
Alex has always been in love with his straight best friend much so that he was desperate enough to put his faith in a charm he got off the street to see his deepest desires come true.
6/29/17 3:31 AM
Willie Cici
Drew enjoys grabbed a cup of java from his favorite coffee house . . .
6/22/17 5:03 AM
Willie Cici
Terry's older brother comes to visit him . . .
5/3/17 5:28 AM
Willie Cici
Ted's greed demanded his money. Charlie's patience demanded Ted put in his place . . .
4/23/17 3:30 AM
Willie Cici
A hotel employee finds himself performing extraordinary duties for a guest . . .
4/17/17 5:13 AM
Honestly, you wake up in a strange room in strange clothes with a strange acting friend. How else could my life change?
4/16/17 1:01 PM
Willie Cici
A brother and sister have designs for the same man . . .
3/20/17 3:57 AM
The Extractor
A message to curious heroes for finding missing heroes. Sincerely the Extractor
3/19/17 9:46 AM
Andrew submits to his new co-worker
3/6/17 8:23 PM
Willie Cici
Greg finds himself captivated with the cute kid from the country club . . .
2/19/17 10:30 PM
Willie Cici
Malik learns that he has special powers, and uses them . . .
2/15/17 5:31 AM
The Extractor
A message to fellow heroes, sincerely The Extractor.
1/30/17 12:03 AM
A couple of guys are worried sharing a bed might look a bit gay, but i'm sure it'll be fine
8/14/16 12:27 PM