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After Mr Jones massage, Muscle model Martin has started to have vivid gay dreams, feeling confused and stressed after a workout he heads to his apartment to relax but nothing can prepare him for what he see out his window...
7/14/20 9:14 PM
Chris wanders off from his tour group to find an intriguing serpent with a strange power
7/13/20 6:57 PM
The couple spends some time together, a day before the big game.
7/13/20 6:54 PM
4219 words
A rude young man learns a lesson about treating people with respect.
7/12/20 8:22 AM
Author Hidden
7/7/20 3:05 PM
Recovering from being totally mind-fucked. WTF does he have planned...
7/5/20 7:24 AM
Thought I was helping my stepson work out, who knew he had other plans.
7/3/20 12:28 PM
7/2/20 9:03 PM
3155 words
Randy gets invited to a high school classmates birthday party. He never imagined how his life could change . . .
7/2/20 9:02 PM
7/2/20 3:15 PM