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6481 words
Rick's roommate keeps using his stuff without asking. One day, he mistakes a magic salve that was meant for Rick's dick, as mouthwash, and then everyone starts looking at him differently after he uses it.
8/8/20 8:18 PM
8/7/20 9:31 AM
I have to deliver a strip tease, made worse by the panties, then I have a 'date' with Chris's feet
8/5/20 10:11 PM
Josh is left with just a nub of a cock and Chad is completely dickless after the last transformation party. It's a good thing they have Tanner around to use their holes.
8/5/20 8:39 PM
Jan is a normal gay boy that lives in a little City in the Netherlands, called Zwolle. What will happen after he is beeing abducted?
8/5/20 2:51 PM
8/4/20 7:00 PM
5322 words
Derek says things can finally go back to normal, but I don't want that. Once we learn a bit more about how the camera works, I use that to my advantage.
7/26/20 4:27 PM
Chad and Josh need to find a way to get off after both are left with tiny cocks after the last transformation party
7/26/20 11:43 AM
2478 words
Derek and I found this old fashioned polaroid camera. When we take a picture of one of us with it, the photos always come out... different. And not only do we eventually end up doing the stuff in the photos... we sometimes start to like it, too.
7/25/20 2:15 AM
The series entail how a college teen takes down the men in his life.
7/24/20 3:36 PM