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7/4/20 5:10 PM
1990 words
Rob is hoping to see some naked ladies but the hypnotist has a trick up his sleeve
4/7/20 10:40 AM
With his new knowledge about the power of the pendant, Sam will enjoy the opportunity of having some fun with Ty.
10/13/19 6:56 PM
1545 words
Chris, Mark, Mario and Joey give an erotic performance for a distinguished woman
8/9/19 4:51 AM
1611 words
Gerry and Dave find themselves in unknown waters . . .
8/8/19 4:59 PM
Drugged chocolates make a man's grocery boy very compliant
8/7/19 5:38 PM
5/27/19 9:57 PM
3388 words
Ben forces Meg to go to hypno show and they get pulled on stage, will Ben know his girlfriend well enough to stay clothed?
5/19/19 8:34 PM
A night of hazy memories and a series of text messages change a man's relationship to the rest of the team.
4/1/19 10:07 PM
1730 words
Sometimes you have nowhere left to go. Thankfully there are always those willing to help.
12/24/18 8:42 AM