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A college class reads about one man's experience with the news broadcasts.
7/20/19 10:37 PM
A father wants his son to listen, the son wants him to loosen up. They both get their wish.
7/18/19 8:33 AM
Willie Cici
Nate was finally living the life he wanted . . . or was he?
7/17/19 4:52 PM
Five young men learn the hard way that you never know who's watching, and that actions have consequences.
7/16/19 1:46 PM
Rosesky 7/13/19 8:13 PM
Willie Cici
Rod Cox, porn's hottest male star, was experiencing some difficulties. His agent had a solution . . .
7/13/19 7:14 PM
Max Potter 7/12/19 11:10 AM
Max Potter 7/12/19 11:10 AM
Mark gets topped by a body part and expands his sexual horizons in the process.
7/11/19 5:16 AM
Willie Cici
Seth has a potential new client. His client has his sights higher than a new agent . . .
7/6/19 7:00 PM
Ramses and his new boyfriend want to spend the day relaxing with each other, but their plans are interrupted as Matt falls out with a friend, and Ramses gets followed by a mysterious stranger.
7/6/19 2:10 PM
Potentialsinner 7/6/19 11:08 AM
We find out some of the lasting effects of Tim’s encounters as he has one more. Will he be able to break the curse?
7/6/19 8:29 AM
Scott and Landon meet one another and Landon shows Scott what he can do.
7/6/19 7:54 AM
Rosesky 7/5/19 12:31 PM
Max Potter 7/5/19 9:00 AM
Max Potter 7/5/19 5:28 AM
Jim and Ryan's girlfriends text them to meet up at a new club for the night. When they get there, it seems that their girls aren't there... or any girls for that matter.
7/4/19 3:53 PM
Straight jock Jake is unaware of his mental changes after meeting sexy Mason at a penthouse party.
7/4/19 5:43 AM
Lance enjoys his second wish but a third desire looms
7/4/19 4:29 AM
sb jb mc 7/3/19 11:36 AM
Alterfict 7/3/19 11:35 AM
Alvo lives in a utopian society...doesn't he?
7/2/19 3:59 PM
A family reunion to remember takes place at a special hotel
7/2/19 3:59 PM
Kyle and Jason have been best friends their entire lives. However, after a painful realization is made, both will find some changes that'll hopefully make things better in the end.
6/30/19 6:36 AM
A few short stories that have been in my spank bank a while.
6/29/19 6:31 PM
The Frat continues to add new members
6/27/19 10:11 PM
Alvo lives in a utopian society...doesn't he?
6/27/19 5:00 AM
DMears 6/26/19 5:57 AM
Stroppy Author
Someones mind control powers work too well
6/25/19 2:58 PM