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The Dirty Spiders
How good can a 600 quid masseur be?
8/26/19 5:44 PM
In the aftermath of his first time as a slave, Barry takes care of Hal.
6/16/19 10:41 PM
I wake up to a pleasure I've never felt before. How did I get here?
6/16/19 6:37 PM
Gruff is owner of many slaves but still one himself and enslaving more all the time.
6/8/19 10:51 AM
RotherhamMan 6/1/19 6:35 AM
DylanTyler 5/26/19 7:42 AM
Jim makes a breakthrough discovery while Fredericks grows desperate.
3/9/19 7:01 AM
Derek Williams
Brad is granted a scholarship from an adult film company. He should have read the fine print.
2/28/19 6:13 AM
Jack meets an old friend from the past who calls him a nickname
2/3/19 7:39 PM
Phil is locked in a lab and forcibly altered to that of a stereotypical Russian, cocky and arrogant with the body to match
1/30/19 9:34 PM
As the Summer progresses, both Holliday and the Fredericks realize they need to take action.
1/20/19 12:43 PM
On the second floor, friends Mike and Tyler must split up down separate tunnels. As they progress, one merely grows into his body while the other regresses physically and mentally.
12/26/18 7:01 AM
Billy figures his neighbor Rob is as 'white trash' as they come. One special handshake gives Billy an even better perspective.
12/19/18 10:58 PM
The Naked Ginger
Three friends ride in a car with a CD that lowers your inhibitions
12/16/18 11:02 PM
A man with a unique talent runs into an old acquaintance, and a forgotten regret
9/8/18 12:33 PM
Van is a college student with a very special watch
5/23/18 12:07 AM
A guy makes an ill-fated wish that's overheard by a trickster
4/28/18 11:44 PM
Después de algún tiempo un chico gay puede empezar a vengarse de las humillaciones de su compañero de universidad.
2/16/18 6:17 AM
When the Deacon International Holdings refused his takeover bid, the Dark Falcon gets his way...and takes over the owner as well.
10/29/17 9:43 PM
The final chapter of the games of chance tale. Just what does the devious little game have in store for the world?
9/16/17 5:24 PM
Willie Cici
The bond between and Daddy and his boy . . .
9/4/17 5:06 PM
Louis makes a rookie mistake, tables turn!
9/4/17 7:03 AM
One day living as your hot, stoner buddy friend... Who wouldn't love that?
8/4/17 1:19 AM
Will Mike be able to keep from drowning in his own pleasure or will he be swept along in the wake of the power of progress?
Category missing
7/7/17 9:19 AM
Based on a true story, the transformation of me into them.
6/1/17 1:48 AM
5/19/17 3:39 AM
Willie Cici
An Italian travels to London on business, and enjoys a fine cuban -- and much more . . .
5/18/17 5:07 AM
Willie Cici
Jake's room mate has a plan . . .
5/8/17 4:14 AM
Willie Cici
Jack and Stephanie invite some friends to spend the weekend at his parents' winter lodge. He didn't expect Stephanie's brother, Colin . . .
4/29/17 5:11 AM
A summoner Having fun with his stud friends at Atlantic city part II.
4/18/17 7:42 PM