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Jason's subjugation continues and he discovers his inner pig
8/3/20 8:38 PM
3497 words
Hell is once again open for business. This part introduces a bus load of lucky victims. Will any escape from this kinky world?
7/30/20 8:36 PM
Ben's changes go into hyperdrive in step with his hormones.
7/26/20 11:51 AM
The ghost gang enjoy another night out by taking possession of a group of unassuming campers.
7/26/20 11:37 AM
Jake takes Ollie for a ride to meet some ghostly friends. After some mischievous bonding, Ollie begins to feel right at home with his new buddies.
7/26/20 11:36 AM
A young, introverted gay man is haunted and possessed by a mischievous, lustful, and shape-shifting ghost.
7/26/20 11:33 AM
7/22/20 6:05 AM
3233 words
A month has passed. How are Doug's filthy tenants doing?
6/20/20 4:14 PM
4384 words
Tucker and Bob continue their raunchy transformations. Doug, their landlord, helps them down the right path.
6/19/20 3:50 PM
2717 words
Some new tenants move into the basement suite. They're hoping this town will give them a fresh start but what's in store for them is far from what they expected.
6/18/20 6:22 PM