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Derek Williams
When the city rolls out their new 'Safe Watch' program, men start showing who they really are when they hit up the bar.
9/23/19 9:09 AM
Stroppy Author 11/26/18 8:19 PM
The group reunites. Now the only thing left to do is escape.
11/13/18 6:59 PM
James is the powerful CFO of a Fortune 100 company, and Steve just works in IT, but Steve knows one tiny little tweak he can make to James's brain to turn the tables.
7/11/18 7:09 PM
A business titan relaxes at home after a long day at work as he always does...
3/19/18 3:15 PM
It's been quite a while since Jason was given some new commands to live his life by. Has he changed at all?
2/8/18 7:03 PM
Thomas give Jason some new rules to live his life by
12/21/17 9:33 PM
Just what does it mean to be in control?
12/13/17 8:52 AM
Willie Cici
The bond between and Daddy and his boy . . .
10/5/17 4:12 PM
Growing Geek
A scorned lover looks for counselling on his failing marriage, and gets more than he bargained for
9/2/17 8:55 AM
When a son decides to pump his dad full of Roids and reaps the benefits
8/4/17 12:34 AM
Kael exacts his revenge for Zack's infidelity and betrayal. Major transformations ensue.
7/30/16 3:49 PM
Zack is now completely Kael's thrall but he manages to escape and make some new, sexy friends who help him achieve his true potential.
7/30/16 3:39 PM 7/30/16 3:32 PM
Estheim 4/20/16 4:38 PM
Finally, Mike tells Brad the truth and he understands what his new life will be!
8/4/15 1:35 PM
Mike and Brad arrive at Mike's mansion and Brad's change begins
8/3/15 6:02 PM
After taking the pill that will make him huge, the conversation between Brad and Mike continues on the ride home
8/1/15 9:13 AM
petercbb 7/30/15 5:26 PM
Michael's inductions continues and his muscles begin to grow...
12/2/13 7:00 PM
Michael has his new life explained to him...
12/1/13 7:00 PM
Mike gets picked up in a bar and loses control of his life...
11/29/13 7:00 PM
A hotshot resident starts a relationship with relationship with a timid, closeted orderly.
5/29/13 8:00 PM
Ruffcub 4/13/13 8:00 PM
Andy Spen
Arnie's transformation is complete
7/27/12 8:00 PM
Andy Spen
A Frenchman's move to London isn't quite what he planned.
7/21/12 8:00 PM
The plan is brought to fruition, but will it get Noah back together with Mike?
6/3/12 8:00 PM
petercbb 6/1/12 8:00 PM
The sort continues as the two musclemen live their lives and seek fresh meat
5/29/12 8:00 PM
Guy goes to meet his girlfriend and is abducted with extreme conseqences
5/27/12 8:00 PM