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3155 words
Randy gets invited to a high school classmates birthday party. He never imagined how his life could change . . .
7/2/20 9:02 PM
Nathan continues his internal struggle, while Lane is returned to the school.
5/11/20 11:15 PM
1480 words
An itinerant landscaper performs his services for a new customer . . .
4/25/20 9:20 AM
Religious Joseph intends to save himself for marriage. God Almighty has other Plans
4/21/20 6:22 AM
4918 words
A seemingly innocent and regular comic book geek wants to do more than just collecting action figures of superheroes
4/13/20 2:32 PM
February is a busy month for Harold
1/24/20 7:29 AM
The final chapter of the Collector
9/6/19 5:15 AM
4118 words
John decides it's time to take ownership of Dave
8/24/19 5:00 AM
The Collector continues to enjoy playing with his hero, while another hero is trying to help rescue Web Wonder.
8/11/19 12:59 PM
Chapter 5 of the Collector. The villain plays with his two new slaves.
7/26/19 9:54 AM