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7/9/20 12:07 PM
7/4/20 5:10 PM
Adam enjoys the benefits of his new powers with Coach Joel and decides that Trent needs some additional changes.
7/4/20 2:50 PM
Geoff gets his induction as Pine assigns him his new side-job.
7/3/20 5:40 PM
Author Hidden
Can Tyrone's wrestling buddy, the team doctor, and the coach undo the spell placed on him by his girlfriend?
7/2/20 5:55 AM
4727 words
A powerful CEO buys a college sports team for business and pleasure
6/25/20 10:57 AM
Pine tries a new approach with Leo, as the pair decide to go after the rugby coach.
6/6/20 9:45 PM
What's a hundred years in the past can't be changed - right?
5/24/20 8:31 PM
5/23/20 2:33 PM
1005 words
A college secret society's recruitment night ends up unexpectedly.
5/23/20 7:29 AM