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Carter spends the weekend with Daddy, and receives an important lesson in self-control
7/7/20 3:18 PM
The boys wake up following their wild party, and are introduced to their new frat daddy properly, who goes over the new house rules with them all.
7/1/20 6:12 AM
4727 words
A powerful CEO buys a college sports team for business and pleasure
6/25/20 10:57 AM
The story entails how a college student takes down the men in his life.
6/4/20 9:46 AM
1800 words
Andrew continued the fun. He was enjoying the trepidation of Mr. Danny.
6/2/20 9:24 PM
4947 words
The story entails how a college boy takes charge of the men in his life. It is inspired by true events.
6/1/20 6:35 PM
7721 words
A horny ghost makes his way into a house and spots himself a hot guy to possess.
4/25/20 9:22 AM
After their ambush by a Hunter, the pledges adjust to their new situation and learn a few new things about Pink Haze
4/8/20 3:21 PM
Vince takes the cheap route on a medical treatment for his sexual health. Will things go as planned? Of course not.
4/4/20 10:03 PM
Not only does Vincent prove his voodoo doll works, he has a little fun at Jordan's expense.
11/2/19 8:17 AM