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5/29/20 9:29 AM
6412 words
Spanish story. Mauricio got in problems after a new rumor forces him out of the closet, a now he needs to face his homophobic friends.
5/29/20 4:57 AM
Spanish story. Dani starts to notice Sebastian is acting odd, what is happening to his horny Stripper? / 6 months later, Dani finally can understand the truth about Will & Sebastian.
5/19/20 5:36 PM
Spanish story. After some unexpected issues with Eduardo, Dani decides to introduce a new book to Will. / While Sebastian tries to satisfy himself, he finds a new client to play with.
5/18/20 5:24 AM
2800 words
Spanish story. After the events of last night, Mat, Lucas & Tom will face a new day in their new realities.
5/11/20 8:50 AM
2339 words
¡Mira la espiral y no pienses! Deja tu voluntad atrás... eres mío.
3/27/20 10:53 PM
Spanish story. The tenis coach has the perfect formula to turn his players into sluts.
3/17/19 10:12 PM
2813 words
Spanish story. When Mat arrive to the archaeologist's office he never expect to find his new destiny in himself and his past. Now Tomas want some fun, but Jose Luis have other plans.
2/8/19 10:12 AM
2170 words
Unsuspecting neighbour Gerry becomes hypno-target practice
12/4/18 5:25 AM
Un encuentro fortuito cambiará la vida de Jake para siempre.
9/28/18 12:45 PM