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sb jb mc 7/17/19 4:57 AM
Is it Horde Election time again... or do they mean Horde ERECTION time again...?
7/12/19 1:36 PM
sb jb mc
A villain in the city takes over the minds of jocks and heroes alike.
7/8/19 4:42 AM
Landon gets Scott to go out for some fun but first some revenge.
7/6/19 7:55 AM
Nick returns Scott's Camera
7/6/19 7:55 AM
Scott and Landon meet one another and Landon shows Scott what he can do.
7/6/19 7:54 AM
The Horde Girls return and everything goes back to normal.... as if.
6/15/19 10:26 AM
absman420 5/3/19 10:08 PM
Rex begins recruiting his team...
3/23/19 10:44 PM
absman420 3/9/19 7:02 AM
absman420 3/2/19 3:56 PM
Superion vs. King Rex in a battle of dominance
2/28/19 12:09 PM
The Fetishist
Just when the heroes thought they were safe from him, a hypnotic super villain makes his return known, and reminds them they are his playthings.
1/7/19 11:54 AM
Scott opens his roommate's package on accident and becomes obsessed with what's inside.
12/29/18 5:04 PM
The private detective has more things to worry about than a missing kid.
12/19/18 5:51 AM
Journalist Eli has just uncovered a worldwide conspiracy. So why does no one else seem to care?
11/17/18 1:03 PM
A new suit made of nanobots gets tested.
8/12/18 6:51 PM
Rurik 7/14/18 2:03 PM
A group of black men don't know they are about to fall prey to a white guy's experiment.
2/22/18 2:11 AM
Jockboy's first fight after his master's commands is nearly his last.
12/12/17 7:51 PM 11/26/17 11:04 PM
On the trail of mysterious happenings, our hero encounters a mind-controlling villain!
11/24/17 7:36 PM
Gyms are often the place where wishes become reality given enough time and hard work;However, there's one in particular that seems to deliver at lightning speed.
10/2/17 8:12 PM
A cursed compression top will transform its wearer beyong his wildest dreams.
4/28/17 6:40 PM
rubbrsome 11/18/16 2:45 PM
Mike helpless watches as John is transformed into a drone.
11/10/16 4:06 AM
John is taken by the program and begins his transformation into Think Tank.
11/7/16 3:14 PM
Mike wakes up naked in a strange room and doesn't know how he ended up there. Can he find a way home?
8/27/16 3:23 AM
Matt discovers that something strange is happening in the basketball team (The rest of the story.)
6/3/16 2:05 AM
Texmandex 6/3/16 1:52 AM