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The two army research officers begin their investigation of the Woodley cuckoos
7/4/20 4:06 PM
Jason returns home brokenhearted and meets a mysterious man who knows about his lover's transformation and offers him a choice.
6/15/20 1:37 PM
5/24/20 8:31 PM
2168 words
Spanish story. After teaching Lucas about sex, nick starts to wonder if he will ever learn something. Jose Luis searches for Mat, but he finds someone else.
5/12/20 6:29 AM
4693 words
5/9/20 4:36 PM
4268 words
5/8/20 5:48 AM
4352 words
5/7/20 5:29 PM
2847 words
A newly promoted sergeant recounts his induction, enlistment, and promotion in an slave army
5/7/20 5:58 AM
Colin and Hawk get to work
4/25/20 6:59 PM
Hawk learns about his powers. And has homework.
4/9/20 5:01 AM