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The brothers-in-law discover that each one of them have fucked Joey under the influence of the potion. Will they fight each other for breeding rights or learn to get along?
12/27/19 7:24 PM
Stranded by a storm at the end of their conference trip, Mark and Rico and their colleagues check in to a small hotel by the airport for the weekend. The rest of their weekend was just a sweaty and tiring blur, and a whole lot of intimacies with one another...
11/3/19 2:24 PM
Ron goes through his first shift as a servant at the Gentlemen's Club and was in for a shock
3/15/19 10:34 PM
4439 words
Ron finds out about the source of his unwanted new addiction
10/30/18 11:33 PM
4040 words
Caine is not your ordinary wedding crasher. Joe's first day of being married might be his last.
5/27/18 7:41 AM
3/1/18 12:46 AM
Jason falls prey to Cole's pheromones and his training as a sex slave begins
8/25/17 2:56 AM
Neil continues his conquest of jock slaves...this time the college Cycling and Track Teams
7/29/17 2:10 AM
4/21/17 3:33 AM
El comienzo de Sebastian y los juegos con Edgar.
4/17/17 7:10 PM