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Brad and John, two jocks who happen to share a sneaker fetish, embark on a wild experience.
4/5/20 6:46 PM
jockedguy 2/7/20 7:37 PM
All Cody needs to do is walk to the end of the Forrest to see his friends but Dylan has other plans for Cody
6/26/19 6:54 PM
Kurt and his roommate get brainwashed into submission by the neighbours without them realising
11/21/18 8:59 PM
After harnessing his modified pheromones Bryan continues his accession to alpha scally status
7/26/17 7:20 PM
Some hypnosis changes the relation between a nerd and a jock who are roommates ... Not quite as planned
6/21/17 8:54 PM
Joey B
A little modification for the supposed intern...
7/25/14 1:45 AM
More frat boys fall into the devious web set by an unknown Master
12/30/13 7:00 PM
Another frat boy is captured and forced to join the herd
11/19/13 7:00 PM
Mike and Danny fall further under the control of a mysterious stranger
6/2/13 8:00 PM
Fratboy Mike hangs out with one of his brothers and shares the events of the previous evening with h
5/15/13 8:00 PM
Fratboy Mike's continues his descent
5/8/13 8:00 PM