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Gengar is sick of snorlax
10/13/19 8:23 AM
Aaron and Butch get ready for their meeting
10/13/19 7:06 AM
Taking Over The Mafia One Person at a time
9/25/19 7:45 AM
A Voyeur Fan
Unbeknownst to these sexy studs, my nanobots are training them to desire each other sexually. Then, some locker room showers provide an opportunity for some sexy fun
9/5/19 10:12 PM
A Voyeur Fan
Unbeknownst to this sexy sleeping stud, he's about to be an experiment in nanobot induced arousal.
9/3/19 12:49 PM
Wes is enchanted by one of his brother's friends, a hot houseguest named Brennan.
6/21/19 4:52 AM
Twan Andersen
While he plays with his younger cousin once more, Nick comes face to face with his first obstacle in Xander's full submission.
5/25/19 6:59 PM
Twan Andersen
Xander is once again helplessly entranced and this time Nick introduces him to what will become his strongest weapon... his smell.
5/22/19 8:01 PM
Twan Andersen
Xander wakes up with no recollection of the previous night. Will he uncover what Nick has done to him?
5/20/19 9:16 PM
Twan Andersen
Nick finally has Xander under a trance and decides to play with him, teaching Xander the wonders of edging.
5/19/19 12:48 AM
Twan Andersen
Nick hypnotizes his younger cousin for the first time with no second intentions... or so he thinks.
5/16/19 5:16 PM
Twan Andersen
The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
5/7/19 11:16 PM
Twan Andersen
"Hey little buddy. Sorry to wake you up, but do you think I can fuck you?"
4/5/19 5:13 AM
Alexander Deyes is a grade A student but unfortunantly not so cool and thus a target for bullying. When he is teamed up with his bully Marcus he plans out his revenge.
11/23/18 2:01 PM
Belti 10/22/18 10:49 AM
Paul thought that he would have a normal afternoon at the gym, but the owner of the gym had other plans.
10/20/18 10:52 PM
The tables turn for one homophobic hunk when he crosses the wrong guy.
7/15/18 11:56 PM
The Syrme
Sex dreams. What can go wrong?
11/12/17 12:50 PM
An otherworldly visitor gives Tom something to dream about.
7/28/17 3:42 PM
Hugh Jassman
The game of Mafia comes to an end. Find out who wins and who gets fucked.
4/3/17 8:19 PM
Hugh Jassman
Round 1 of Mafia has begun. who will "cum" out on top? And who will "cum" out on the bottom?
3/4/17 6:42 PM
Everyone is forced to split up, leaving Ricky all by himself. Can they hold out until Officer Sean's shift ends?
3/4/17 5:06 AM
Hugh Jassman
A group of 6 friends meet up at John's apartment to play a game of mafia. Things go wonderfully for John.
2/23/17 8:11 PM
A Summoner Trying To Use Magic To Get What He Wants
12/2/16 6:10 PM
Another gray day in a black project.
8/12/15 12:21 PM
Wesley Bracken
Some members of the NCMC have a conversation at The Forum.
1/31/13 7:00 PM
I have had the hots for my handsome friend for forever and now as he sleeps I own him
8/12/11 8:00 PM
Tanner's in for a solocity of weirdness before bed.
2/19/11 7:00 PM
Is Evil Born or Created?
11/21/09 7:00 PM