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A handsome superhero responds to a routine call to headquarters. Little does he know, an evil genius has designs on his mind and body.
8/9/20 8:38 AM
8/7/20 9:31 AM
I have to deliver a strip tease, made worse by the panties, then I have a 'date' with Chris's feet
8/5/20 10:11 PM
Jan is a normal gay boy that lives in a little City in the Netherlands, called Zwolle. What will happen after he is beeing abducted?
8/5/20 2:51 PM
8/1/20 10:37 AM
7/30/20 8:40 PM
7/21/20 10:44 AM
4609 words
7/18/20 1:19 PM
A worried overprotecting father trusts a nice neighbor...
7/15/20 8:51 PM
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Simon finds an old statue to an imperialist explorer, and finds it impossible to resist its influence.
7/15/20 7:40 AM