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Author Name Published 11/13/18 10:37 PM
Four young vandals learn that it's bad luck to destroy jack o'lanterns on Halloween.
10/15/18 6:02 PM
Drew and Zach are unhappy with many aspects of life. On the night of their five year anniversary, both wish upon a shooting star, unknowingly changing things forever.
9/25/18 11:01 AM
David and Jake feels the effects of Brendan's wish, while Brendan enjoys Jake's newest wishes
8/29/18 1:54 PM
A bodybuilder gets a makeover from his smaller boyfriend.
8/16/18 12:48 PM
A man has to pay his gambling debts with something more than money.
3/30/18 7:10 PM
Norwegian Curse
A songwriter has too much influence on his protégé.
1/27/18 6:05 PM
Joey starts his transformation at the hands of The Dark Man
1/13/18 8:01 PM
Four young men on their way back to college get lost and stop at the wrong roadside attraction.
10/31/17 8:46 PM
Kane Swift
Two bro’s make a bet with the aid of mysterious device. The consequences of which become more real that they could imagine
10/7/17 3:51 PM
Where the author and his friend come face-to-face with what lurks underground.
8/25/17 8:56 PM
When a son decides to pump his dad full of Roids and reaps the benefits
8/4/17 12:34 AM
screamingmoist 6/25/17 8:49 PM
An experiment has caused a fracture in reality through which a mythic ecosystem is leaking into Area 51. In one of the scientific research stations on the quarantine perimeter, scientists are experimenting on a captured Pixie...
5/1/17 8:43 PM
Two budding archaeologists discover an ancient temple during Spring Break and are changed forever.
4/30/17 8:41 PM
More changes go on in the trailer, and nobody is complaining
2/4/17 10:40 AM
Tanker11 1/29/17 9:45 AM
Things start to change with the dudes, but they aren't complaining.
1/26/17 12:29 PM
A man has to decide if his new life is worth the cost.
9/22/16 3:01 AM
Jason's visit to his friend's cabin in the woods results in a new outlook and a new body.
9/20/16 1:23 AM
Lucas encounters a magical object leading to a new path in life for him and his roommate
Insufficient Tags
8/30/16 5:55 AM
Cris Kane
Returning from a Mexican vacation, a gay couple bring back a mysterious drink for their friends to try.
8/8/16 11:37 AM
Baralai 8/5/16 9:05 PM
Kael glories in his domination over Zack and the rest of the guys...
7/30/16 3:58 PM
Kael exacts his revenge for Zack's infidelity and betrayal. Major transformations ensue.
7/30/16 3:49 PM
screamingmoist 7/27/16 11:19 PM
Sneaking into abandoned funhouses is never a good idea.
7/6/16 2:24 AM
screamingmoist 5/2/16 1:00 AM
screamingmoist 4/20/16 2:34 AM
The Yetti
Paul brings home a tempting friend for Colin to work his magic on
4/13/16 2:18 AM