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Top prize in a hypnosis story writing competition is more than expected
4/6/20 7:26 PM
Brad and John, two jocks who happen to share a sneaker fetish, embark on a wild experience.
4/5/20 6:46 PM
A view from the other side
3/20/20 5:47 PM
This is a story I wrote back in 2003 about a fantasy transformation of mine in which I become another guy. This story was my first foray into the transformation genre. Although I wrote another story around that time as well (which I no longer have, unfortunately), I did not continue writing. Perhaps reading other's stories here will help me become inspired to write again.
2/9/20 9:05 AM
My life changed after meeting a leather cop
11/26/19 5:30 AM
A comfortable chair, a fine cigar, a glass of wine, a warm fire, and Mike
9/26/19 10:10 PM
A new car can be the start of a whole new direction...
7/13/19 6:00 AM
All Cody needs to do is walk to the end of the Forrest to see his friends but Dylan has other plans for Cody
6/26/19 6:54 PM
Joe's boots show him their love.
6/13/19 7:01 AM
Something lost is found again.
6/6/19 6:24 AM