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12 handsome men from business giants were about to sign a deal with Ricky and invited by him to have a nice meal in Enrique’s restaurant, where they were nicked treated and signed contracts more than willingly.
1/15/20 6:42 PM
Handsome men were invited to Enrique’s restaurant where they got drugged by stinking shit and more than willing to give all their money to keep being fed with men feces
1/12/20 9:27 PM
A demon corrupts an innocent soul... or does he?
1/5/20 10:21 PM
One sip of a protein shake puts a military jock under a gay men's cruel control
8/12/19 8:07 PM
rogermurdock76 5/24/19 10:09 AM
Collin slowly starts seeing Phil's filthy side
4/16/19 11:58 AM
A man discovers a note on his desk that helps bring out the bear in him.
3/9/19 7:04 AM
M. Greene 2/22/19 12:19 PM
Clown boi
The action continues with the story of Tarzan’s downfall
12/24/18 8:36 AM
Absolute Master
The master just keeps getting crueler...
12/6/18 7:36 PM
The vengeful Ed is back to further humiliate and degrade when his old bully-turned-servant calls the police for help.
7/31/18 7:15 AM
Absolute Master
Our hero takes the boys home.
7/3/18 7:44 PM
Absolute Master
A slob has eyes only for the youngest of men, and the dirtiest sex. With his new powers though, they'll be one in the same.
7/2/18 2:00 PM
Ed moves into a new house, where he discovers a strange power that allows him to take revenge on his neighbors for what they did to him in the past.
6/24/18 3:46 AM
Stroppy Author 5/30/18 4:00 AM
Tom Gungy
Two brothers have had a rocky relationship since the elder of the two had graduated. Little does the younger brother know that there may be an outside influence responsible.
5/16/18 12:08 PM
A rebel and his two jock pals get sent to the principal's office where wills are bent and minds are controlled.
5/8/18 5:16 AM
M. Greene 2/16/18 9:14 AM
This twisted tale must finally come to an end. It will be sufficiently nasty as well.
9/17/17 5:01 PM
Dr. Clarkson observes the new ape men in town.
8/30/17 4:42 PM
Chris finally wakes up.
8/4/17 9:33 PM
3 left. truly the nastiest to come
6/17/17 4:48 PM
Jason continues his journey through the obstacles of the demon. thing's only get more twisted and raunchier
6/12/17 7:07 AM
Jason is one of several bottoms competing for there freedom in a nasty and twisted journey through a gay demon's layer.
6/12/17 5:25 AM
M. Greene 5/28/17 4:31 PM 3/18/17 4:14 PM
Terinas Tiger 1/6/17 5:40 PM
The Evolver
Si begins to lose himself in the gassy hairy man he was meant to be
8/14/16 7:43 PM
The Evolver
A dad takes his son through the woods. He will never come out the same again.
8/14/16 7:41 PM
a collection of short stories filled with filthy fetishes. Not meant for those not seriously kinky.
4/28/16 3:08 PM