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sb jb mc 11/5/19 5:28 AM
The Dirty Spiders
Guy discovering his own sexuality, transforms friend and friend's dad
9/29/19 3:17 PM
Andy’s roommate wakes up to quite a surprise when he finds himself changed one day. Andy meanwhile wastes no time trying out his dick’s new best friend.
8/17/19 7:00 AM
Sven got a very special present for his boyfriend: Part of himself.
8/17/19 6:50 AM
RotherhamMan 6/1/19 6:35 AM
absman420 4/20/19 11:31 AM
After buying a drug from a website focussing primarily on masturbation, Quent loses himself to an increasingly psychotic addiction... with MORE side effects.
4/14/19 6:00 PM
Casey hates his step dad. He's co controlling! But maybe he's been a bit close-minded about all this...
1/7/19 2:39 AM
Glen is still trying to find his brainwashed lover Pat in the sex worker factory. But then he suddenly finds himself in an orgy with human toys and gets a very unexpected treatment by the toy that used to be Pat...
12/29/18 5:04 PM
Glen tries to find his would-be lover Pat at the sex worker agency - to free him from his self-chosen fate. But will he be able to resist the sexual temptations he's going to find there?
12/26/18 9:42 PM
Pat has to choose a profession for his life. And he makes a fateful decision, which turns out to change him much more than he could ever expect. What will his best friend Glen, who's secretly in love with Pat, do to save him?
12/26/18 7:36 PM
Some friends play a game on Christmas Eve. All they have to do is follow simple instructions.
12/25/18 10:19 AM
Stroppy Author 6/20/18 2:40 AM
Philip is such a handsome young man, he makes for a beautiful secretary. Long dark lashes, black hair, green eyes. More beautiful than a woman. It's perfectly natural for Matthew to act on his attraction to the raven-haired boi.
2/20/18 9:03 PM
The transformations begin with Kyle. From nerdy pianist to..? Then we go back in time to see the spell that Brent gets...
12/18/17 2:01 AM
The boys get milked for a final time and Kyle is granted a transformative spell.
12/15/17 10:02 PM
Kyle is the breadwinner. Tomas is the homemaker. Brent is cursed.
12/14/17 11:07 PM
The drone discovers its reason for being
6/8/17 8:23 PM