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Carter finds a lead to his lost friends but finds more than he bargained for.
7/4/20 5:55 AM
7/2/20 3:15 PM
The Machine spreads its influence to those closest to you, even as you have a moment of doubt.
7/1/20 4:12 PM
Leo struggles with being a good mind controller, so Mike volunteers to help him with that.
6/26/20 8:08 AM
3575 words
Lord Edwards takes a relaxing train ride through the countryside, leaving him suspiciously vulnerable...
6/25/20 3:35 PM
Author Hidden
6/24/20 6:03 AM
3233 words
A month has passed. How are Doug's filthy tenants doing?
6/20/20 4:14 PM
6/20/20 11:45 AM
Lan brings Thor to him out at a leather bar, and shows off his new BOY
6/17/20 4:24 PM
Jason returns home brokenhearted and meets a mysterious man who knows about his lover's transformation and offers him a choice.
6/15/20 1:37 PM