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Jason returns home brokenhearted and meets a mysterious man who knows about his lover's transformation and offers him a choice.
6/15/20 1:37 PM
1017 words
Always on the lookout for a new toy. Boys beware. Daddy is always on the hunt.
6/12/20 5:09 PM
An exceptional young man seems to be publishing a story series online about an ancient Pharaoh's resurrection and his Army. But fantasy soon gives way to a surprising reality and deep-rooted desires may be fulfilled.
3/26/20 9:48 PM
7412 words
A tall, fat, nervous man travels to a Bear Festival in Germany... with a Magic Tag.
3/25/20 1:28 PM
2/2/20 6:44 AM
4870 words
11/25/19 6:01 AM
11/6/19 8:21 AM
This is a RP (roleplay game) turned into history that we have written a friend and me. Mowgli decides to escape from the wolf pack and start a new life, but he will meet the naga Kaa and his plans will take another course.
10/21/19 9:55 PM
5129 words
Human meets new Alien who's still naive to human gender
9/28/19 7:24 AM
The chapter where you find out what was done.
8/4/19 2:47 PM