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7/7/20 3:05 PM
The story entails how a college boy seduces and dominates the men in his life. Inpired by true events.
7/5/20 7:29 AM
Josh is getting to know his homosexual side of his personality. He was a top jock but he didnt know he had other side as well.
7/5/20 7:28 AM
Strangely, Jese isn't afraid of returning to the world of Star World after what happen last time he was in the Mindgear. Actually, he is quite curious, excited almost. Equally as excited, his Dennis...
6/4/20 4:52 PM
4947 words
The story entails how a college boy takes charge of the men in his life. It is inspired by true events.
6/1/20 6:35 PM
Star World, the next big thing in virtual gaming. Using the powerful Mindgear console, players can enter a dream like state to experience an unparralele gaming experience.
5/23/20 7:33 AM
Visit the day room at the Asylum
4/16/20 5:19 PM
4344 words
Dean Winchester is missing. Sam has spent weeks stressed out and trying to find the whereabouts of his brother. Having taken refuge in a small town, a loving gentleman teaches him the benefits of relaxation in such stressful times...
3/19/20 12:12 AM
3/18/20 6:16 PM
Straight guy must have weekly meetings with a psychologist. What could go wrong?
3/17/20 4:15 PM