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Dean Winchester is missing. Sam has spent weeks stressed out and trying to find the whereabouts of his brother. Having taken refuge in a small town, a loving gentleman teaches him the benefits of relaxation in such stressful times...
3/19/20 12:12 AM
topdog 3/18/20 6:16 PM
Straight guy must have weekly meetings with a psychologist. What could go wrong?
3/17/20 4:15 PM
S. Q. Neemie
A local company installs a Reality Enhancer machine in their offices to improve teambuilding. Two employees and their boss feel the effects almost immediately. This is a story in the same universe as "The No Homo Glitch."
2/25/20 3:17 PM
A relationship between a gorilla and a human takes a turn when the gorilla reaches belated puberty. This is a furry story where all characters are of age.
1/15/20 11:49 PM
RotherhamMan 11/11/19 4:16 PM
RotherhamMan 11/7/19 4:18 PM
Leather Asylum 7/17/19 4:58 AM
Chris was looking for Piers only to find he was kidnapped by Piers only to find his comrades under Wesker’s control. Will he set him free or become his slaves?
5/9/19 4:29 PM
Jese stumbles upon the the campus' secret Hypnohole... Can we resist the voice?
5/9/19 3:25 PM
Spandexlad 5/3/19 5:14 AM
Leather Asylum 11/17/18 1:04 PM
Leather Asylum 11/15/18 8:45 AM
You're waiting to meet with your friend, but the familiar stranger has been waiting for this oppertunity to meet with you for quite some time now...
9/29/18 7:24 AM
You find yourself alone with a man after a night out of drinking. He has his eyes set on you. Perhaps you should listen to your friend's warning before they leave to have some fun of their own. Or maybe it would be more fun to just relax, and enjoy yourself...
9/27/18 7:07 PM
One creative wish and some hard work produce the best results.
9/1/18 12:21 PM
Max has found the perfect man - but then, Antonin thinks the same thing...
6/14/18 5:42 PM
Matthew has anger problems stemming from a multitude of issues. Faith in his therapist is one way for him to BREAKTHROUGH the pain... and Brian is the perfect man to make it all feel better.
2/14/18 10:17 PM
Peter Parker gets a visit from a familiar black blob on his way to an interview
1/28/18 10:48 AM
Buster Red
Graham plays a game of Billiards, not knowing the table has special powers.
12/14/17 1:09 AM
Willie Cici
The souls of the just will bide their time . . .
6/19/17 4:39 AM
M. Greene 5/16/17 9:50 PM
A summoner Having fun with his stud friends at Atlantic city.
1/1/17 11:04 AM
The professor is testing the new sexdroid which used to be Corin. And he's using his own assistant for the tests - who's life will not be the same afterwards!
12/14/16 1:35 PM
I encounter a couple of hunter and made me want some sweet daddy's ass,
12/12/16 6:37 PM
Wondering if summoning magic also backfires and i have a two hot college jocks to test it out with me.
12/6/16 3:30 PM
Todd had no interest in Dave, until he saw Dave's cock
10/24/16 11:12 AM
The satyr's grip grows stronger, Nate's turn
10/19/16 12:21 PM
A few days later, the curse continues to take hold
8/26/16 7:14 PM
Baralai 7/9/15 4:42 PM