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Rayden Greywolf
Three members of the resistance are captured and "re-educated"
8/23/19 6:16 AM
Tha Avnanizeis
Dave had the perfect opportunity to enslave Kyle until all his plans unraveled. Sometimes you get something better than you expected.
4/24/19 11:33 AM
PupScout 4/2/19 9:16 PM
A group of young businessmen get a special rate at a very special hotel. But they're about to discover the hidden costs...
3/2/19 6:03 PM
Walter's former employee convinces him to join a very special therapy group, led by the Organization
2/25/19 2:26 PM
Micah Maars
Ok, so maybe hypnosis can actually feel alright. That doesn't mean it's like, changing you or anything. You're definitely still in control. Definitely.
2/15/19 8:31 AM
Micah Maars
Being naturally intelligent and talented has its drawbacks too, like when everybody else is too busy studying to find a hookup. There is this one guy that’s pretty hot, but he has this weird hypnosis fetish. Still, maybe it’s worth playing along if it means getting laid. After all, hypnosis doesn’t actually work. Right?
2/13/19 3:43 PM
Three friends at a music festival stumble into a very special photobooth. You choose what happens next.
2/10/19 12:29 PM
All about the eyes
Steve shifts his attention to Lee who unwittingly put himself in Steve's crosshairs
12/4/18 3:34 PM
Jax Shaw 11/21/18 1:52 AM
Journalist Eli has just uncovered a worldwide conspiracy. So why does no one else seem to care?
11/17/18 1:03 PM
Willie Cici
Two accountants figure out a way to put muscle heads to good use . . .
11/13/18 10:04 PM
All the guys in the dorm make fun of exchange student Milos' skimpy underwear. But soon enough, their minds (and briefs) will change...
11/1/18 5:18 PM
Mindwinder 10/22/18 12:29 PM
Down The Foxhole
Jon has lusted for his near perfect adoptive brother Emmet and with a fortuitous program from the deep web, he finally has his way with him.
6/13/18 5:32 AM
After his coworkers start changing, Will investigates the new gym they've all joined...
5/30/18 6:19 AM
The Hypno Gun is used again, but this time Ryan has brought a friend.
4/25/18 5:32 PM
Londongear 2/27/18 9:41 PM
Hypnothrill 12/30/17 1:19 PM
Willie Cici
Doctor Houston learns a trick from a colleague . . .
10/1/17 6:46 PM
Happy Endings
A psychology student wants the jock of his dreams. But does he go too far?
9/6/17 6:52 PM
A former hotshot executive in a Manhattan law firm recalls the tale of how he became just another office drone.
8/12/17 10:51 PM
Six young men move into a house for a reality show, with an unsuspected (to them) twist.
6/24/17 4:38 PM
In a time of economic crisis, Britain turns to its greatest renewable resource: fucking Englishmen
6/6/17 1:44 AM
Scotty wins a free trip to Hawaii. On the way, he gets an extra gift...
2/18/17 9:19 AM
Willie Cici
The superintendent finds himself in a dire situation. Can he escape his predictable fate . . . .
1/30/17 9:37 PM
Welcome to Plainview, a town where it is proper for men to be naked and hard...
1/18/17 4:09 AM
Everything becomes much clearer to Brandon...
12/21/16 5:49 AM
Carl gets suspicious about Coach Severn's new training methods
11/11/16 1:25 AM
Carl gets suspicious about Coach Severn's new training methods
11/7/16 2:03 AM