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Nicky Noxville
Mark can't avoid going to class any longer, and he arrives just in time to assist Mr Sparrow with a very special demonstration.
8/1/19 10:23 PM
It’s the end of the beginning. Time to introduce the protagonists and make an escape.
5/18/19 6:40 AM
Dustin finds a way into the school and meets new people. Rich embraces the virus and is rewarded for it.
5/17/19 5:58 AM
here4hairymen 4/21/19 11:54 AM
Ethan is one delinquent who needs to be taught a lesson. The new psychology teacher will oblige.
3/17/19 8:52 AM
Tkhon 3/13/19 7:23 AM
Ted Chamberlin is going to be the alpha male in his classroom today, but Logan has other plans.
1/3/19 9:40 AM
SneakyT 12/16/18 11:31 AM
Happy Endings
The finale to the second series of the Mind Palace!
8/19/18 9:09 PM
Happy Endings
Brent has made his decision, and restarts his session
8/5/18 8:06 PM
Happy Endings
Things come to a head as Patrick uses a last resort to sway Brent
7/29/18 8:36 PM
Happy Endings
First day of class, and Brent is already causing trouble
7/15/18 8:29 PM
Happy Endings
Brent, Chris, and Joseph begin their stay at the School for Good Boys...
7/1/18 9:22 PM
Assistant Principal Harper has finally caught the Preston Heights Prankster causing havoc at his school! But the prankster still has a few tricks up his sleeve...
6/26/18 12:13 AM
Nicky Noxville
Mark has to face Adam, and their other friends, at school. Fortunately for him, he has a appointment with his doctor to delay the inevitable.
5/12/18 6:12 AM
Hunter returns to school after a fun (if hazy) weekend with Tyler. Feeling something is off he is distracted chatting to soccer captain Josh.
7/19/17 7:07 PM
Willie Cici
The sons of England's elite are enrolling in an elite Academy, but not every one is pleased . . . .
5/5/16 4:40 PM
Popular, straight, handsome prep Phil hates illegal aliens so he’s cursed to slowly become a very horny, stereotypical wetback Latino… who’s gay.
3/3/16 9:01 PM
the guardsman
Mike's class is visited by two policeman
10/21/15 6:32 AM
Philip Faras
Arrogant jock gets transformed into an unwilling cock whore
3/1/15 8:48 PM
the guardsman
Mike arrives at school and its morning assembly
1/7/15 11:08 AM
the guardsman
Tim's induction into tranter Academy continues.
Category missing
6/28/14 11:13 AM
the guardsman 3/9/13 7:00 PM
Tim's parents decide its time for a boarding school
3/1/13 7:00 PM
Britain in the year 2031. There's a new world order: Queer
2/21/12 7:00 PM
Jesse thinks he's safe. Does Dave want more from him or is he ready to move on to Chad.
8/9/11 8:00 PM
Health Educator Mr. Sanders demonstrates the dangers of teenage pregnancy to his all-male class.
4/12/11 8:00 PM
Matty 6/7/10 8:00 PM
Matty 6/5/10 8:00 PM
Pills that will change your life, guaranteed.
10/22/09 8:00 PM